Thursday, May 30, 2013

younger brother syndrome and an update.

In between all of the crying the other day, I thought, I should probably see how Murray is doing. And so I iMessaged him. And he didn't answer right away because, time difference, which was fine. But then he replied that night. And I didn't know whether to get mad or to laugh. (Spoiler: I chose to laugh.)

Here is the conversation we had (and what I was thinking, in italics):

Me: Hey dude. Are you okay?

Him: Yeah? (Uh...)
        Are you using your old phone? (WTF?)

Me: What do you mean?
       What old phone? (This is not why I am messaging you right now.)

Him: Your old iPhone. The one you didn't take to China.

Me: Obviously I'm not using it right now. I'm in China. (Duh.)

Him: Cool.

Me: Why? (You better not be thinking of using it.)

Him: I just figured you'd have a different number or something.

Me: I'm using my iPod.
       I'll use my iPhone when I get home. (So, too bad, you can't use it.)

Him: Oh. (Yah, "oh.")

Me: How's Mom? (We should have been talking about this 11 messages ago!)

Him: She's in the hospital. But, I'm sure she'll be fine. (!?!?!? That's reassuring.)

Me: Why didn't you tell me? (?????)
       She's been there since Sunday. Aunt Gwen told me today!

Him: Well, I wasn't sure how to reach you. (Are you effing kidding me?! Aren't you young people supposed to be all about technology?)

Me: Facebook?
       iMessage or FaceTime?

Him: Well, to be honest I actually didn't even think about telling you. It didn't come to mind cause I got a shit tonne of stuff on my mind. (It didn't come to MIND?! You have a shit tonne of stuff on your mind?! Ha!) (Amandaaa, give him the benefit of the doubt...)

Me: Like what? Are you okay?

Him: Yeah, I'm fine. I just got a lot of school stuff to do. (AND?!)

Me: Okay. Well, if Mom is in the hospital again, please tell me. (I am typing this calmly, but really, want to type it NOT CALMLY!)

Him: Well she's still there. I'd like to visit today after I'm done school today. (Like to? Yah, so would I!)

Me: I know she's still there. (...) I mean, if she gets out and then has to go back.

Him: K. Does messaging like this cost anything? (Really? Really?!)

Me: No.

Him: K so if anything happens I'll reach you this way. (Big sigh.)

Me: Ok, thanks! Love you!

Him: Love ya too.

And I really do love him and I'll be happy to hug him when I get home and I probably won't even strangle him. Thanks for the comic relief, bro.


Mom is still in the hospital, not sure how long but at least the rest of the week. She's on blood thinners and will be for a few months. She's also on pain medication, thank God. She has her second chemo treatment today and I'm really REALLY hoping it doesn't make her as sick as it did last time. (Yes, I know chemo makes you sick, but apparently it's not supposed to make you as sick as she's been.)

Also, it is really REALLY hard to hear your Mom break down into tears. Especially when you can't hug her. 

But, it is really REALLY nice when you realize how many nice people there are out there. So many people have left sweet comments here and on Facebook and have emailed. A couple of Mom's co-workers contacted me. A few of my co-workers have reached out. I have good friends. The best friends. 

Thank you, everyone! Keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming! (Please :)

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  1. Positive thoughts on constant flow, a steady trickle, northbound. Sibling conversations are weird because there is so much going on between the lines. Your brother was probably happy you were on another continent and unable to apply the whoppin' in person.

    I had surgery on my nose earlier this year, and I can tell you the painkillers they give you now are wonderful. Not only do they relieve pain but some promote a state of euphoria, I mean "good times." Not to minimize your mom's predicament at all, but to reassure you the medications can help a lot.


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