Thursday, May 16, 2013

a blog makeover & stop comparing.

Did you notice? The blog got a little facelift!

I should have taken a "before" screenshot so you could really see the difference.

I hadn't changed much about my blog since I started it back in August 2011, but I've been wanting to for a long time. I had actually bookmarked Summer's shop, Show and Tell, a while ago because she designs blog banners and a new banner was what I really wanted. I just couldn't seem to justify spending $25 (although that's a steal and well worth it!) on a banner because "I don't need it, right?" (That's what I always say when I'm thinking about buying something.)

But then Summer had a sale and was offering custom blog banners for $15! I took it as a sign and I emailed her right away. She was so easy to work with and super sweet; I was so worried that I was going to annoy her with all my requests... "can you please make the yellow brighter? and the font less round? and two examples, one with the tagline and one without?..." If she did get annoyed, she hid it really well. Thank you, Summer!

AND! T-Man made me a new favicon! (That's the little square symbol that shows up in the corner of the tab in your browser. See it up there? Gmail's is an envelope, Facebook's is the letter "F"...) Mine was the same as all Blogger blogs', just a "B," but now it's balloons! Yellow balloons! It only took him maybe 5 minutes and I was over-the-moon-happy about it. I think he said I was "crrrAzy" because I was so excited. Little things, people, little things :)

AND! Speaking of blog facelifts and T-Man, here's a chat conversation we had recently about me thinking of switching to Wordpress*:

Me: ...but I want wordpress because you can customize it even more than blogger

T-Man: thats not the point

Me: and I don't think you need to use a vpn to use it. what's the point?

T-Man: the point is inside your blog

T-Man: people like your blog not because of the beautiful lookings, but just the meaningful things you wanna tell people thru your blog

Hmm... I can't really argue with that. Although appearance does matter to an extent when it comes to blogs, and I do hope you like what you see here, I hope you like what you read even more.

AND! That leads to something else I've been thinking. I need to stop comparing myself to others. Stop comparing my appearance, my blog, my life, everything. I could write so much more about this, but for now, that's what it all boils down to: Just. Stop. Comparing. Do your own thing!

Anyway. Hooray! for the new banner and favicon and white background! And I'm still fiddling around with things here, so don't be surprised if you see a few more changes over the next little while.

P.S. Summer also designed a new banner for my friend Melissa! And Summer sells prints in her shop, too! (My favourite is the apostrophe print, of course.)

*Mostly I want to switch to Wordpress because I want to be able to have blog categories AND tags. Not just labels like here on Blogger. Blogger, can you make this happen?


  1. New blog layout is sharp! I like that you recycled the old color scheme in the banner. Yellow balloons are good symbols for optimism.

  2. John - Thanks! I think of those colours as "my colours" for some reason haha. Especially turquoise! And yes! Yellow balloons! I think they're becoming somewhat of a symbol for me! (Hmmm... new tattoo idea?)

    Tony - Dork!

  3. It looks lovely! I love the pop of color that yellow balloon brings. I just redesigned mine too. Isn't it so refreshing to get a new (digital) look?!

    Oh I feel the same way. Though I think a "bad" design can have an impact on readership it doesn't stop readers from reading great writing. I went with a minimalist approach this time because I wanted to see if my writing and images can stand on their own, kind of a little experiment.


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