Wednesday, April 03, 2013

you can't lose me.

"You Can't Lose Me" by Faith Hill* came on my iPod a couple weeks after my mom's diagnosis and as I skipped past it, something told me to go back and listen. At first I wondered, what does a little girl running a race have to do with me? And then I heard the chorus. And then the verse about the daughter going out on her own. Yup. Okay, Universe, I needed this song.

"You can't lose me, you bet your life
I am here, and I will always be, just a wish away
Wherever you go, no matter how far
My love is where you are
You won't be lost if you believe
You can't lose me"

It came on again this morning and as I listened, I thought, I could really use a Mother/Daughter Day today. Also, I think I might cry harder when I get home than I did when I left.

*If you ignore the cheesiness of the video, it's actually a pretty good song. Especially if you're a daughter and/or mother.

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