Monday, April 01, 2013

the things I want to remember.

Yah, I'm living in China. And I get to do all kinds of cool things, like drink a beer on the Great Wall, eat scorpions and octopus tentacles, visit temples, and spend Christmas in paradise

But here's the thing: I'm living in China. Which means I don't always do cool things and my life probably closely resembles your life, wherever you are. I eat, I sleep, I work, I hang out with friends. I sometimes spend entire evenings online and Saturdays watching episode after episode of Downton Abbey. I cook once in awhile and eat out more often than I should. I shop at IKEA and I help friends move. 

And it's these normal things that I want to remember. The things that can happen no matter where you're living. Because sometimes the normal things end up being the great things.

The laughs with friends. The real talk with friends. The real talk that happens while laughing with friends. 

Because these are the things that make life, life. You know?

What am I doing? Oh, you know, just helping my péngyǒu move.

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