Friday, April 12, 2013

one of my favourite things is going.

One of my favourite things is going. As in going to work. Going downtown. Going to the movies. Going to the pub for a drink.

Because I can look out the window. Close my eyes and feel the sun on my eyelids. Because I can smile at strangers on the bus, on the subway, walking by. Because I can wonder where the people in the cars I'm passing and the people in the cars who are passing me are going, what their stories are.

I can put in my headphones and listen to what I want to listen to. What I need to listen to because my mood demands it. I can smile at the kids, dogs, flowers I see. The bright colours and the dull colours, the sun and the rain and the snow. The world.

I can turn the music up and put the windows down. Sing at the top of my lungs or just listen. Go drive remember forget.

Some of the most meaningful, most hilarious, most angry, most sad, most normal-but-awesome conversations I've had have happened on a bus, in a car, on the subway.

There's a reason road trips are so romanticized, so iconic. Because the going is at least half the fun.

It's true, what they say. It's not about the destination, but the journey.

One of my favourite things is going.

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  1. Fantastic! I'm "going" to be thinking about this for a while.


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