Friday, March 08, 2013

if I were a better blogger.

If I were a better blogger, you would know (about):

+ The Filipino guy I met in Boracay. We walked along the beach almost every night and he admitted he thought I was a "party girl" when he met me because I have tattoos, am Canadian, and was vacationing in Boracay. The thing that changed his mind? He saw me reading. Haha! Other gems included him calling me "chubby sexy" and using hand gestures to show what he meant (an hourglass shape), and telling me I had "husky eyes" because they're blue. (We were and are just friends.)

+ The bad news I got while on vacation in Thailand. (I think I'll be writing a post about this soon.)

+ My vacation in Thailand.

+ The songs that I've been listening to on repeat and the songs that have been bookmarked in my "Music" folder and the song recommendations I got when I put the call out on Facebook and Twitter.

+ My plans for next year.

+ What's been making me happy lately.

+ More of my experiences in China and how I feel. (Money, pollution, class, work, food, people, etc.)

+ The new Chinese words I've learned.

+ The awesome mail I've received.

+ Snippets of the awesome conversations I've had with friends. 

+ A lot more than I can even think to include on this list. 

I just haven't felt like blogging (or journaling) lately. Actually, that's not true. I want to blog. I get the urge to once in awhile. But then I just can't. I feel like I have A LOT to say, but I'm not saying it. At least, I'm not saying it here on the blog. 

SO. Here's to better blogging! Here's to writing when the urge hits! Here's to finding my voice again! 

And here's to hanging this yellow masterpiece in my apartment because it's making me happy on this Friday!

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  1. I've been having the same experience with blogging lately. Thanks for the encouragement. I look forward to many great posts from you :) You are so talented!


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