Thursday, March 14, 2013

a fantastic weekend & time is flying.

This past weekend was a really good one, from start to finish.

Friday: Dinner at Home Plate and in bed by a little after 11pm. (Trust me, the early-for-a-Friday bedtime made me really happy.)

Saturday: Up a little after 7am. A run (my first since Canada! and really more of a jog/walk). Jian bing (a Chinese street food, kind of like a crêpe). Laundry. Saying hi to my new favourite security guard, who asked me to give him an English name last week. (I helped him choose Lucas.)

Green tea and blogs. Fruit and veggie market with Katie. Surviving a sandstorm:

I know what you're thinking; we look great, right? Ha!

5 workout tops, 2 pairs of yoga pants, and a running jacket at Decathlon (a sporting goods store) for a crazy amazing price. 3 pairs of shoes and a red bracelet (for good luck) at Yashow (a market, mentioned here). Losing my Decathlon bag and then finding it again (must have been the bracelet ;). Mexican for dinner.

Sunday: Up a little after 7am again. More laundry. A game of catch. Vegan market, where I bought chili, pumpkin soup, and cookies. Eating the pumpkin soup outside in the sun with Alanna. A walk with Gill. A roasted sweet potato bought from a man selling them outside the subway. A nap with the windows open. Dinner at No Pork. 8 hours of sleep to be rested for Monday.

Seriously. A fantastic weekend. The weather was great, I got a lot done, and I had fun. And I realized that it was almost 3 months ago exactly that I had this great weekend. And I only have about 3 months left here until I head back home for the summer. And then I realized, wow! Time is flying! And I have mixed emotions about that.


  1. Sounds like your haggling skills have improved!

  2. They certainly are! :) It helps that I know my numbers in Chinese now, and how to ask, "how much is it?" and how to say, "too expensive!"


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