Thursday, March 28, 2013

26 happy things.

putting away my winter coat.

refusing to get my winter coat out again, even if it might be cold enough to warrant it.

eating Arabic food with T-Man while watching Cash Cab Asia.

plums. so many plums.

tulips. buying them for myself, just because.

the sound of my students laughing. (I'm convinced that children's laughter is the best sound.)

writing with no few capitals and not caring. embracing it.

playing crazy eights with T-Man during Earth Hour. by candlelight, of course.

realizing I can now bend over and touch my nose to my knees after only 3 yoga classes.

yoga. I'm a fan and will write a post about it soon.

messages from and to Cara and Melissa.

an Easter package from my Momma.

sharing the Easter candy with friends. (but saving some treats just for myself.)

learning new Chinese words and phrases. wǒ ài nǐ.

buying a roasted sweet potato from the man outside the subway and eating it on the walk home.

hot pot on Lady Street with Jason, Gill, Jessica, and Katie.

discovering the "Sunshine Indie Pop" station on Songza. it's perfect for me. maybe it is for you, too?

making the decision that tonight is going to be a me night. because I need it.

knowing there's only 4 days left of my self-imposed h2o challenge.

coming home to a clean apartment.

sunshine streaming through the windows. always sunshine.

blue skies. always blue skies.

being able to open the windows and the air feeling like spring, finally.

having someone to watch Downton Abbey with. even if I have to explain, no, I don't want to hear spoilers!

realizing that I'll probably be able to have a dance party (featuring John Mellencamp) with Melissa and Cara this summer.

making T-Man laugh.

(This post was inspired by Marta's. If you write your own happy things post, let me know; I'd love to read it!)

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  1. hooray for h20, yoga, downton, easter candy and sunshine! way to make explore happiness in the every day!


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