Tuesday, February 26, 2013

operation h2o.

I've decided to give myself a challenge. For the entire month of March, I'm not going to drink anything but water, green tea, and Chinese herbal tea.

I don't drink pop, juice, or alcohol very often; I only drink about one cup of coffee or black tea a day; and I only have a latte or hot chocolate about once a week. And although I know that everything is okay in moderation, I also know that I don't drink nearly enough water. Not by a long shot. So I'm hoping that if I cut everything else out, I'll drink more water (I mean, I'll have to, right?) AND reduce the amount of unnecessary sugar I consume. 

At first, I told myself I wasn't even going to let myself have tea because I didn't need it. But drinking a hot cup of something in the morning and at the end of the day is soothing and I don't add milk or sugar to green and herbal teas. A friend asked me if I was going to drink milk and I said no, but I'm still going to have it on cereal. (I actually haven't had a glass of milk since coming to China.)

I'm not sure how difficult this challenge will be. I'm sure some times will be more difficult than others. Like early mornings after late nights and trivia nights at the pub. Oh well, it's going to be nothing but H2O for this girl starting Friday!

(Photo by Elise Cripe)

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