Monday, December 17, 2012

so many marshmallows!

Last Wednesday was an excellent day. It snowed! Not a lot -- but enough to get the kids excited. Especially G, my Chinese student. He walked in with his dad and then ran right back out to be in the snow. I was so happy to see him holding his hands out to catch snowflakes.

We couldn't go outside in the morning because A wasn't wearing a winter coat and N didn't have a hat or mittens. But! I skipped my break after lunch to go outside with G and Tracy, my TA. G was so excited and wanted so badly to build a snowman. So we did. Just a small (really small) one because there wasn't much snow and it wasn't very "packy." It didn't matter, though. G was happy. We used buttons for the eyes, a pompom for the nose, and a stick for the mouth. Our snowman didn't have a hat -- or arms :) G grabbed a bigger stick and said, "Mustache!" So, our snowman got a mustache.

While Tracy and G continued to play, I ran across the road to a store called Jenny Wang's and bought three different kinds of hot chocolate: french vanilla, caramel, and mini marshmallows. I declared to everyone we were having a hot chocolate party! Tracy, G, and Diane (my admin lady), seemed excited and I was so happy. I got Diane to translate for me and the ayi (cleaning lady) and guards had hot chocolate, too.

Tracy told me that she was pretty sure it was G's first time building a snowman and having hot chocolate. (He kept saying, "So many marshmallows!") I get sad sometimes that he likely won't remember me (he's 3 and a half), but maybe he'll remember these moments or the feelings. I know I do from when I was a kid.

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