Thursday, December 13, 2012

carry me home.

I wouldn't call myself a Hey Rosetta! fan*, but when I saw that a friend had posted this song on Facebook, I clicked it for some reason. And boy, am I glad I did. I was so close to crying as I listened.

I'll be spending Christmas at a hotel called "Sunshine Place" in Boracay.** I'm guessing (hoping) the pillows won't stink, but I'll be arriving on December 24th and I don't think it will feel like Christmas Eve.

I'd give my food and drink
To see my home again
To see my mother's hand
Against her apron edge
Can any saints hear me?
Is there any angel near me?
If you won't lift me up
Then would you send my love
Back to my home
Back to my only shelter
Where in the awful weather
I will be warm and welcome

You can download "Carry Me Home" for free on their website. I did, and it's been playing on repeat ever since. I'll probably buy the entire EP, partly because I like the sound, and partly because of the name: A Cup of Kindness Yet.

*No particular reason; I've liked every song I've heard. I just never got into them and now I'm wondering why.
** I realize this isn't a bad place to be -- at all -- but it's not home, you know?

1 comment:

  1. dear amanda,
    this may be your only christmas abroad. you will have plenty of christmases "at home" in the future. enjoy the moment


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