Monday, November 12, 2012

wangfujing night market.

Remember how last weekend I said I was supposed to eat scorpions but stayed home instead? Well, not this weekend. This weekend I went to the Wangfujing Night Market. (I have to warn you -- some of the photos below might gross you out if you're squeamish.)

The Night Market is a long alley of vendors selling all kinds of interesting food.

Scorpions, centipedes, starfish, grasshoppers, snakes, beetles, tarantulas, seahorses, squid, and much more. 

I ate snake meat! It was cooked and then rolled in spice. And it tasted good! But it was a little tough to chew.

I also ate one of these scorpions. Well, its claws and legs, anyway.

"Oh, look! He's salting it for me!" (He fried it first.)

I wouldn't say it tasted bad, but I wouldn't say it tasted good, either. It was very crunchy.

There was more appetizing food at the market, too. Deep fried bananas and ice cream, dumplings, candied fruit on skewers, yogurt and honey drinks...

The brave group, stomachs full. 


Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City are close to the Night Market. We knew they would be closed because of how late it was, but we decided to walk over anyway. It was a stunning sight and it hit me: I'm living in Beijing.


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