Sunday, November 18, 2012

nothing a little holiday cheer can't fix.

This weekend has not been that great. I'm not feeling well. I'm achy and my stomach hurts with a combo of cramps and nausea. I haven't felt like eating or drinking anything. Blah. 

And then, last night (probably mostly because I'm sick), I started to feel homesick. As in, I was curled up in a ball on my couch, trying really hard not to cry, wishing I was home so my Nan could make me tea and a grilled cheese sandwich. I would think, "I hate it here. I don't want to eat any more Chinese food. I hate being sick. I just want to be happy." And then I would give myself a pep talk: "Amanda, you don't really hate it here. Make yourself a cup of tea. You like Chinese food. You're just sick. Suck it up and stop being a baby." It was a sad cycle.

Well, if sucking it up means I stopped crying and found something to eat, I did that. But I continued to lay on my couch, clutching my stomach, watching episode after episode of Dawson's Creek, until I managed to fall asleep. And I promised myself that I could lay on my couch and not shower and watch more Dawson's Creek today. 

Except that a Christmas Bazaar was being held at my school today. And guys, I love bazaars. Especially Christmas bazaars. But I was in a funk. And I did not want to shower. I did not want to see people. I still did not feel like eating or drinking anything. 

But then I messaged Alanna and asked if she was going to the Christmas Bazaar. And she was. So I pulled myself together and showered and got dressed because I figured, I can't feel any worse. Worst Case Scenario: The Christmas Bazaar makes me feel more homesick and I come home and resume my position on the couch. Best Case Scenario: The Christmas Bazaar makes me feel better and I'll be cheery for the rest of the day.

And guess what...

It turns out, it was nothing a little holiday cheer couldn't fix. I felt happier as soon as they stamped my hand. "Ooh! A festive stamp!" I said to Alanna. 

And then she bought me a s'more, and a candy cane, and a gingerbread man. And I bought gifts for a few special people back home. And Christmas ornaments for my future Christmas trees. And there was Tim Hortons coffee (well, "Chen Hortons," which was close enough). And a blind children's choir sang "Silent Night." 

And if a blind children's choir singing "Silent Night" incredibly off-key, but oh so adorably, doesn't cheer you up, I don't know what will.

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