Sunday, November 25, 2012

don't worry, I'm from Canada!

I arrive at work on Friday and the administrator asks, "Are you cold?" I shake my head.

I take my coat off and my TA gasps. She turns to the administrator and says, "Look at her!" 

"Guys, don't worry! I'm from Canada. It's cold there, too."

The ayi (cleaning lady) says something in Chinese to one of the guards and they both laugh. Then they say a few more things that I don't understand, chuckling the whole time. 

"They are saying that you are brave because it is cold and that is what you are wearing," the administrator says. 

My TA elaborates: "They say that you are brave. They say you must drink milk and have strong body to not be cold." She is laughing, too. 

The other guard comes in. He sees me sitting at my computer and his eyes widen. He points at his arm, guffaws, and says something I don't understand. The administrator laughs. I know it is because my arms are bare. 

The administrator says that everyone is worried about me. 

I need to learn how to say, "Don't worry, I'm from Canada. It's cold there, too" in Chinese. 

(For the record, I was wearing leggings, a short-sleeved dress, and a thick, warm loop scarf. I was warm enough :)

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