Wednesday, October 03, 2012

the one where I just wrote and hit publish.

I am so tired but it's the good kind of tired. The kind of tired that means you've been on the go. I have this week off because it's a holiday in China (National Day -- not sure why we get a whole week off, but hey, I'm not complaining) and I feel like I haven't stopped. In reality, though, I haven't done that much, but let me tell you, walking and bartering and standing and talking can be exhausting. (I promise I'll let you know what I've been up to in more detail soon.)

My feet are covered in blisters. I climb into bed with dirty feet and I just don't care. In fact, it makes me happy. Dirt-covered feet remind me of childhood. They're right up there with skinned knees and grass stains. When your feet are dirty, you're sporting a few scratches or scabs, and your clothes are stained, it means you're living.

I've been making lists like crazy. Just random lists of random things that pop into my head at random times. These lists are everywhere. On my iPod, "stickies" on my MacBook, in my journal, on scraps of paper, and in my head. I have a list of names I like for baby girls. A list of places I want to go. Lists of books to read and movies to watch. A list of blog posts I want to write. And a to-do list with everything from download the new Mumford & Sons album to call the credit card company.

I had big plans for this break. I still do. I plan on going some more, but I also want to stop. Relax. Right now, at just after 8PM, I'm going to nap. Maybe I'll sleep all night. When I wake up, I'll upload photos, or write those blog posts, or write in my journal, or watch the new episode of Parenthood. Or maybe I'll wash my feet and then go get them dirty again.


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