Wednesday, October 17, 2012

operation: like beer.

Back in June, I embarked on a little adventure I called "Operation: Like Beer." My goal was simple; I wanted to like beer by the end of summer.

I realize that may sound silly, but for the past few years, there were a lot of times I found myself wishing that I liked beer. It was a social thing. If someone offered me a beer at a BBQ, a family get-together, or just because on a hot afternoon, I wanted to be able to say, "Yes, please!" Plus, beer is usually cheaper than mixed drinks. I was jealous of my friends who would happily order a beer (or two) when we went to a pub.

I figured if I could learn to like coffee and vegetables and other "grown-up" things, why not beer? So one night while I was out with friends at our favourite pub, I shocked everyone by ordering a beer. It was Pumphouse Blueberry Ale and my favourite part was the floating blueberries.

"Operation: Like Beer" had begun.

Since then, I've had Molson, Picaroons, Rickard's, and a slew of others, including Chinese beer. (I am living in Beijing now.)

Some have been better than others, but there hasn't been one that I've hated. I definitely prefer fruity beers. The Blueberry Ale and Rickard's White are tied for my favourite.

I knew "Operation: Like Beer" was a success the night I reached for my beer and frowned when I realized it was empty.

Do you drink beer? What are your favourites?


  1. Beer is a health food and as old as bread. In fact, it is a liquid form of bread and is nutritious. All that said, I was raised in a T-totaler family and learned to like beer when in college, like you.

    On a hot, humid August day, there is nothing like an ice cold Fisherman's Brew (made near where I live) in a glass straight from the freezer, admiring the lawn after mowing. The very taste of summer.

  2. hey sweet pea ! left you a note also on Matty's post.

    I made myself like beer also back in the day it just seemed the easy thing to drink (in my raucous drinkin' days ;-) I was a loyal Keith's Nova Scotia Pale Ale drinker - it was the only beer any of my gang drank.

  3. Yep, I am a beer girl and two summers ago I got hooked on micro brew beer. Made in small batches locally and handcrafted, they offer an amazing array of flavours and strengths. It is akin to wine tasting. My favourite for a treat is Phillips Chocolate Porter. So delicious, but only good for one at a time because they are rich.


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