Friday, October 12, 2012

my apartment looks more home-y now. not to be confused with homely.

When I first moved to China, I told myself that I could make do with a couple of mugs, one plate, and one bowl. That I didn't need a drying rack for my dishes or a container for my cutlery. 

I told myself that I didn't need to make my apartment look nice. I didn't need a new duvet cover; the one my employers provided was fine. I didn't need a new throw blanket; the free one I got was okay, although it was a shade of green I never would have chosen for myself. I didn't have to put artwork on the walls because I wouldn't be here that long and I wanted to save money. 

But guess what. 10 months is a long time! And so is another 10 months if I decide to come back. It's longer than I spent in each of my dorm rooms and I made them feel like home (as much as possible, anyway). 

So over the break I went to Ikea and bought a dish rack and a thing to hold my cutlery. I bought a few more dishes and another mug. I picked out a couple of cushions, a duvet cover, and a throw blanket. I bought a couple of candles, vanilla and apple cinnamon (I miss Fall!) scented. 

I bought artwork at the Dirt Market and a few more plants at the plant market. 

I probably spent the equivalent of a couple hundred dollars. And I felt guilty. 

But that feeling went away pretty quickly because I like what I picked out. Because I picked it out. It feels like me. 

So now my apartment looks and feels a bit more like home. And that makes me happy. 


  1. oh my, my. i love that bedding!! it's beautiful. your apartment is so homey, i'm loving taking a peek.

  2. I know it can be expensive to bring some of that stuff back, but you should at least bring your artwork as a memento.

    Things like the bedding and dishes... can they be donated somewhere when you leave?

    Oh, and it looks lovely :)

  3. I definitely plan on bringing back the artwork! As for bedding, dishes, etc... I'll leave that here for any new teachers that come. That's how I got my cutlery, some dishes, and the picture that's in my kitchen. It was stuff that people had left or that current teachers didn't want anymore. So nice to have a few things given to me to start out! It will be nice to pass it on :)

  4. I stopped back here to read your Ikea post again and to see your bedding. I really like the bedding you went with! I also really like how this post leads to your "home sweet home" post. I'm so glad you are happy :)


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