Friday, September 14, 2012

happy friday!

I abruptly stopped writing "happy friday!" posts back in July because I just wasn't feeling them anymore (although I was still happy about lots of things!). But this week, happiness has been in the small things, the everyday moments, and I want to remember them, so I'm bringing "happy friday!" back. Maybe not every week, but here it is:

+ CISB organized a trip to Carrefour this week for any teachers who wanted to go. One of my favourite finds was this yellow mug. Like the polka dot mug I mentioned in my "small victories" post, it reminds me of a mug I had back home. It, too, was yellow, and my Nan called it my "happy mug."

+ Other purchases at Carrefour included a clothes-drying rack, a toaster, Head and Shoulders shampoo, a hair dryer, and a Snickers bar. All of which made me very, very happy.

+ I found someone to play cribbage with! Not many people my age play so it was nice to find a friend to play with. In fact, there are several people here who play! Score! Or should I say, "Go." (Hehe)

+ Monday was Teacher Appreciation Day here, so one of my bosses bought me, Alanna, and our TA's iced coffees. The owner of the school bought each teacher giftcards to Carrefour.

+ Tyler, a security guard at the school, is very nice and trying to learn English, so he likes to chat. On Monday, Alanna and I stopped to say hi and he said, "Teacher Appreciation Day to you!" He may have forgot the word "happy" but we knew what he meant!

+ One of our TA's, Tracy, has been teaching Alanna and I a bit of Mandarin. I only know a few words and phrases, but when our driver said, "See you tomorrow" in English, I was able to say the same to him in Mandarin. Our driver is Chinese and speaks only a bit of English, and it makes him laugh to hear us practicing what little Chinese we know.

+ I successfully ordered a meal at a Chinese restaurant! It involved a lot of pointing, but still, I did it!

+ Parenthood has started again! I watched the Season 4 premiere and loved it! (But that was a given.) If you haven't watched Parenthood, you really, really should. You'll love it, promise! (Well, maybe not as much if you're a guy, but then again, that's gender stereotyping and I don't like that. So, just try it :)

+ I've also been watching The Newsroom. If you haven't watched this, you should! Really, really should because you'll love it, promise! (Hey, chances are you'll love this or Parenthood, right?)

What made you happy this week?


  1. My favorite mug and color is also yellow.

    Try Breaking Bad, Californication and Mad Men.

  2. I've heard good things about Breaking Bad and Mad Men! I might have to watch them. I've never heard of Californication, I don't think.

  3. I second Breaking Bad we just finished season 1. LOVED Mad Men & Nurse Jackie (Edie Falco fantastic funny & dark). So much great TV on those other cable networks. We borrow a season at a time on DVD from our library FREE bonus xo Susan + gang


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