Monday, August 06, 2012

thoughts on a yard sale.

I had a yard sale this weekend. While it was nice to get rid of stuff and make some money, it was also harder than I realized it would be. We attach memories to things, at least I do, so even though I had decided to sell clothing, pillows, books, movies, etc., it was hard watching people walk away with them. I almost wanted to run after them, yelling, "That's mine!"

But, I didn't. They're just things after all, and as I told my "customers," I can't take them on the plane with me. It was either sell them or store them. Besides, I still struggle with the feeling that I own too much stuff

When I find a place of my own, I'll try and choose things with more care, and know that I don't need to keep things for the sake of memory alone.

I learned a couple of things, too:

1. People like a good deal. A lot of people came and bought a lot of items. I was surprised at how well I did.

2. People are willing to pay. There were times I was tempted to lower the price on an item someone was looking at and just when I was about to say, "I'll take $1 for that," they would pass it to me and say, "I'll take this" for the higher price that was marked. (Of course, I still made deals on some items!)


On a completely different note, it was a really good weekend family-wise. (And also candy-apple wise :)

I hope you had a happy weekend!


  1. Hi Amanda! I know what you mean about parting with stuff. Good job though! I love your Nan, she' s the cutest! Also, thanks for your comment on my photos and illustration of the flowers--yes, I created that piece--it is a new direction I am taking with my art work. Waiting for fall to come so I can settle in to it more, but hoping summer lasts so I can enjoy this moment. I also am going to take your advice on the coffee bean pic--I will be hanging it in my kitchen. Hey, when you return from China and settle into your home again, contact me and I will send you a copy for your house too! Happy Monday:) Dalyce

  2. Thank you so much, Dalyce! For the comment and for the offer to send me the photo! It really is great and I'm so glad to hear you'll be hanging it up. I read your comment to my Nan and I think she got a kick out of it :)


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