Wednesday, August 01, 2012

there is no certainty...

In my final year of my Bachelor of Arts degree, I sent this image to my boyfriend at the time. I told him it reminded me of him, because I thought of him as an explorer, someone who was open to new adventures and new experiences. He responded with something along the lines of, "Thanks! I think it goes for you, too." 

I smiled, appreciating the thought, but wasn't so sure it applied to me. I wanted it to. Desperately. 

It seemed like everyone around me was setting off into the unknown, while I would be staying in Fredericton, pursuing the Education degree that had been my dream for so long. "Had been" being the key words. 

I was second-guessing it all, wishing that I, too, was moving to another province, another country. At the very least, I wanted to start working at a full-time job that I loved.

Instead, I decided to go along with the original plan and I began another degree at STU in August.

And I am so glad I did. I learned a lot about myself over the past year. I met people I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. I got extra time with some of my closest friends and my family. I fell in love with my students and realized that kindergarten is where it's at.

Good thing, because on August 20th, I'll be moving to China to teach kindergarten for a year.

(Image: 365q by Julian Bialowas)


  1. Amanda! That's amazing.
    I had this dream too once. I wanted to travel and teach English abroad. YOU are doing it. I am so happy for you.
    WOW. Big and beautiful adventures await you brave girl.
    I hope you are still able to continue your blog!
    Cannot wait to hear of all your new, exciting moments.

  2. Thank you! Your excitement makes me smile :) I hope I can continue blogging as well!


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