Monday, June 11, 2012

hello, monday.

I can't believe it's Monday already. But since it is, I'm linking up with Lisa to say hello.

Hello to a rainy Saturday. It poured at times and I was SO tempted to dance in the rain. I should have, but instead I stayed in to do homework. Waa waa.

Hello to spending Friday morning and part of the afternoon with Nan and Dan. It was really nice to see them.

Hello to visiting the SPCA. I wanted to take every single cat and dog home; they were all so cute. Most of the cats started to purr as soon as I walked into the room. I actually clutched my chest because of how it made me feel.

Hello to watching too many episodes of Friday Night Lights. I'm halfway through the fifth (and final!) season already. Crazy!

Hello to spending time with Meredith. She did laundry and watched a movie. I did homework. It was low-key but at least we were together.

Hello to making big decisions. Or trying to, at least.

Hello to going out for a beer with Melissa. Who knew I'd ever be a person who goes out for a beer?

Hello to baking banana muffins. Second time in as many weeks -- they're just that good!

Hello, Monday! I'm tired, but I'm going. And that's what counts.

What are you saying hello to?

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