Tuesday, May 22, 2012

hello, monday.

I don't want the weekend to end (hooray for long weekends!) but today's Monday so I figure I should say hello to a new week. I'm linking up with Lisa to do just that: 

Hello to a relaxing weekend with Nan.

Hello to two (yes, two) trips to Dari Delite. One for worms in dirt and another for a cherry-dipped chocolate cone. My excuse? I don't know when I'll be back.

Hello to watching Friday Night Lights with Nan. She proclaimed it a "pretty good show" and said, "It's not just about football. It's a love story and a family story, too." She's right about that.

Hello to seeing some family members and calling others.

Hello to feeling calm.

Hello to sunshine and dandelions.

Hello to sitting at a picnic table with Louis, enjoying popsicles and talking about life.

Hello to eating good (not the same as eating well).

Hello to a Sunday supper of ham, potatoes, and fiddleheads.

Hello to not giving in to the heavy feeling of a coming week filled with schoolwork. I'm going to smile, keep going, and think happy thoughts. It will all be done soon.

What are you saying hello to?


Dari Delite is a favourite place from my childhood and the "worms in dirt" a favourite treat from the same time. I spent many moments on the swings in the back, chocolate ice cream dripping down my hand. Mom took my brother and I there on the way home in the summer, and sometimes friends too, and we'd get a cone or order from the kids' menu. Dad would take us for milkshakes; blueberry for him, coffee for my brother, and chocolate for me. When I was older and we had moved, my friends and I would walk there, wavering on the line of childhood and adulthood. Ice cream tastes better there.

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