Wednesday, May 02, 2012

april photo a day 14-22.

I participated in Fat Mum Slim's April Photo a Day Challenge. Here are my photos from days 14 through 22:

14. How I feel today {positive} 
15. Sunset {I didn't see the sun set because I was watching Titanic}
16. Flower {morning/afternoon}
17. Something I don't like {they paved paradise to put up a parking lot}
18. Hair
19. Orange {garbage day}
21. Bottle {makeshift piggy bank}
22. Last thing I bought {a gift of the bridal shower variety}

Yes, you are correct, there is no photo for day 20. No, it is not a mistake; I just didn't take one. I'm rolling with it because this is supposed to be fun. I'm working on loosening up and lightening up. Small steps. 

Here are photos from days 1-6 and 7-13

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P.S. Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day Challenge for May began yesterday. Are you participating? Will you? You should!

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