Tuesday, April 17, 2012

wisdom from the dinner table.

A few months ago, my family ate dinner at my Nan's house. I'm not sure how, but we ended up talking about walking and driving, and the possibility of getting lost. I don't remember what the exact conversation was but I think it had to do with me moving away or visiting a city, something along those lines.

I remember my brother exclaiming, "Amanda! How would you survive?!"

And I replied, "Getting lost doesn't mean you're not surviving." 


I meant it literally: I won't die if I can't find my way. Then I realized that it was a good metaphor for my life right then. And now. And probably for the future. And maybe for anyone who feels lost.

So I did what any wise person would do. I grabbed a pad of post-its, scribbled the sentence down, and stuck it in my journal when I got home.

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