Saturday, April 21, 2012

happy friday!

This week gets an A+ in my books. Even without the highlights of "goodness" I've shared below, it was just all around good.

I've been watching these little flowers grow at the edge of a yard I walk by every day to get to school. When I walked by Monday morning (top) I was blown away by how big they were; they had been a lot smaller on Friday! And when I walked by in the afternoon (bottom), I was so happy to see that they had opened. I knew how they felt; I wanted to embrace the sunshine, too.

On Monday evening I walked downtown with Annie and we talked over coffee. Making time to see friends is always nice, especially when they are as sweet as she is.

One of my students came in from recess and presented me with a dandelion. "Here you go, Miss Greer!" she said with a proud grin on her face. I made a big deal about it and placed it with care on my desk. And it was a big deal to me. It was the first time a student has brought me a "flower." I can remember bringing dandelion bouquets to my teachers and mom. I'm so glad this is a "tradition" that has carried on.

Melissa and I went to the public library last night to watch the movie Sarah's Key. I devoured the book last summer and while I was hesitant to see its film adaptation, I really enjoyed it. (If you're looking for a story you won't be able to put down, this is it. I've bought 3 copies; one for myself and two as gifts.)

Today was a Professional Development day so I didn't have to be at school until 9AM. Sleeping in until 7AM(!) felt like such a luxury. And I had Tim Hortons coffee to boot!

Happy Friday, everyone! What made you happy this week?


  1. I love when the crocuses bloom. It means that spring is finally here :)

  2. Hey you your Montreal trip sounded amazing I lived there for 2 years very near that bagel shop. Most fun time of my life - my Montreal days.
    Happy weekend !!


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