Friday, March 02, 2012

happy friday!

It's Friday! Better yet, it's the Friday before March Break! That's happy! Some of the other things that made me happy this week:

Finding the words "Je t'aime" in the snow on campus. People spreading love will always make me smile. 

Meeting my students and teacher for my next internship. I'm with a grade 2 class and I think it will be fantastic. 

Receiving an A+ on my classroom management paper. 

Crossing items off the "to do" list. 

Going to Snooty Fox for half price apps with friends. 

Finishing the February Photo a Day challenge and beginning the challenge for March. 

Knowing that today is the last day of the second semester of my BEd. 

Knowing that I'm going to my Nan's tonight.*

What made you happy this week?

*I'll have limited internet access while I'm at my Nan's. I've scheduled a few posts for next week, but depending on when I get back, I might miss one or two. I might also be slower at answering comments. 

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