Monday, March 19, 2012

the air I'm breathing smells like spring.

I posted this photo a little over a week ago on Instagram and labeled it "hope." Sunshine always makes me feel hopeful, but I felt especially so that day. I had made a phone call I'd been thinking of making for a long time, filled out important paperwork, and then walked downtown, feeling lighter than I had in a while. 


The sun is shining again today and my chest feels swollen with hope. I went for a run and was assured that spring is on its way. Children were playing with sidewalk chalk and riding scooters. Teenagers were walking, holding hands. A group of guys were throwing a frisbee. Snow is melting, paths are muddy, and patches of brownish-green grass are visible. 

My chest is swollen with hope and I feel as though I'm able to breathe again. Even better, the air I'm breathing smells like spring. 

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