Wednesday, February 15, 2012

kate monsters: a super simple dessert.

All of you probably already know about this super simple cookie + ice cream dessert. And you probably don't call it kate monsters. But I was in awe when my friend, Kate, introduced it at one of our Sunday Suppers and that is where it gained its new name. 

I think Kate finds it funny that I enjoy this improvised dessert so much. She's been enjoying it since her childhood, when her mom was "too cheap to buy a McFlurry." I don't think it's cheap; I think it's genius!

Crush your favourite cookies. (Tip: If you place them in a baggie, you'll avoid getting crumbs everywhere.)

Add a scoop (or two, or three) of vanilla ice cream. 

Mix it up and enjoy!

(Sorry for the poor photo quality; they were quickly snapped with my phone. I was in a hurry to dig in!)

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