Wednesday, January 25, 2012

que sera, sera.

Back in July, I stumbled across this free printable from Making it Lovely. I immediately printed it out (on regular white paper), bought a (cheap) white frame, and bam! pretty art with a perfect message was hanging on my wall. I needed it then because I had just gone through a break-up, was concerned about some of my family and friends, and was worrying about what the future held. I found myself staring at it whenever I was in my room. 

It's six months later and although I don't need to stare at it any more, I do find myself gazing at it when I'm getting ready in the morning. I'm at a stage in my life where I have no idea what the future holds. Will I be teaching next year? Working at a pre-school? Or will I be working part-time at a local store? Where will I live? Who will I live with?

Will there be rainbows day after day? I don't know, but that's okay because que sera, sera. If you need a (pretty) reminder too, visit Making it Lovely and hit download.

(Images are from Making it Lovely)


  1. Thank you for writing this; I'm really glad to see that the print brought you such peace.


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