Monday, January 02, 2012

hello, monday!

It's a new week (and a new year!) so I'm linking up with Lisa to say hello!

Hello, new candle. It's from Voluspa and the scent is Frost Pinecone. I love it and am promising myself that I'll light candles more often. 

Hello to enjoying the last bits of holiday cheer. 

Hello to playing card games with Nan. 

Hello, sleeping in and feeling relaxed. (I've been wearing sweatpants and pajamas more than I care to admit.)

Hello to my new favourite bedtime snack. 

Hello to watching episode after episode of The West Wing. I finished the first season last night and I think the season finale is my favourite episode so far. (It's hard to know for sure because they're all so darn good.)

Hello, new calendars! (I told you I was excited.) 

Hello, 2012! A year of more fun! (Although that's hard to imagine because 2011 wasn't exactly dull.)

What are you saying hello to?

(The calendar pictured is by Mary Engelbreit.)


  1. I'm saying hello to a new microwave and wanting to stock up on some popcorn too!

  2. I love popcorn! Best snack ever! Perfect for movie nights (or The West Wing :)

  3. I'm saying hello to my Gratitude Journal Monday! Hope you can join me there.

  4. Oh I love this! I love that photo of playing cards. Love sitting by the fire with a hot cocoa and getting out a deck of cards!

  5. I am LOVD: I'll be sure to stop by!

    Alexa: Thank you! A fire and hot cocoa sound amazing!


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