Monday, December 12, 2011

this weekend.

This weekend I...

exchanged gifts with Cara. She gave Melissa and I very thoughtful gifts and a joint gift of the first season of Friday Night Lights.

ate supper at Snooty Fox with friends.

cried in a friend's arms. I had a mini-meltdown Friday night and curled up in a ball, crying, while Cara rubbed my back.

drank cups of tea that Cara made for me.

napped on the couch.

watched the first two episodes of The West Wing. I think I'm going to be a Jed Bartlet fan.

drove around, listening to music, looking at Christmas lights, and discussing.

stayed up until after 4AM talking and talking.

tried chokeberry jam for the first time. Not a fan.

said goodbye to a best friend. Until next time.

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