Saturday, December 31, 2011

in 2011...

+ I went to my graduating class' T-Ring Ceremony. It was one of the best nights of the year. 

+ I baked my first cake. I may have used a mix, it may have meant a midnight trip to Sobeys, and it might not have looked the best, but it was the thought that counted. And it tasted good!

+ I celebrated the second anniversary of a beautiful friendship. 

+ I was one of six amazing Residence Coordinators. We were a great team!

+ I moved into a house and began to cook for myself on a regular basis. My specialties: pasta and stir-fry.

+ I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (and was accepted into the Education Programme of my dreams).

+ I visited the Hopewell Rocks for the first time ever.

+ I gave and received the most thoughtful gifts. 

+ I laughed and cried. A lot. 

+ I fell in love with going to the beach. 

+ I went on a road trip to Vermont

+ I made a new friend; his name is Jerry.

+ I ordered my first drink in the U.S.

+ I ate the best meal ever. (And enjoyed my first drink in the U.S.)

+ I swam in Lake Champlain. 

+ I went on a boat for the second time. 

+ I started this blog because I know that life is a special occasion and should be celebrated. 

+ I danced in my living room. 

+ I visited my grandparents as often as possible. 

+ I partook in Sunday Suppers. I even cooked a ham!

+ I turned 22

+ I taught a kindergarten class.

And so much more. 

2011 had its ups and downs (as every year does) but overall, I think it was pretty fantastic. 


  1. You've accomplished a lot this year and I'm happy that we have gotten to know each other more. Happy New Years Amanda.

  2. Thanks, Sara! I'm glad we've gotten to know each other, too!

  3. don't you love the teacher school pics... that you get a zillion of and never do anything with?


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