Tuesday, December 13, 2011

hello, Monday!

I'm linking up with Lisa to say hello!

Hello, treadmill. We've had it for a week and I finally went for a run last night. Love it

Hello to a renewed sense of confidence. 

Hello, green tea and blogs, an awesome combo. 

Hello, Friday Night Lights. Can't wait to dive in. I hear I'll fall in love. 

Hello, planning to watch a lot of TV over the holiday break. There's nothing wrong with that, right? I promise I'll read a lot, too. 

Hello, looking forward to having more time for reading and watching TV. 

Hello, Santa mug. It makes hot chocolate taste better, I swear. 

Hello to eating way too many cookies and chocolates this weekend. (It's a good thing we have a treadmill now.)

Hello, leftovers from the ham dinner I prepared yesterday

Hello, T-Ring, newly shined, enameled, and engraved. (When I got it a year ago, the colour of the enamel was wrong and so was the engraving. I finally sent it away a month and a half ago and got it back today. On the inside of the band, it says, "Time flies..." I'll have to share the story behind it some time.)

Hello, memories crowding my mind today. 

Hello, Monday! This week's going to be a busy one!

What are you saying hello to? 


  1. This is FANTASTIC. No word of a lie as I was driving home from the gym tonight, I was drafting a facebook message to you in my head that was going to go something like this: "Is your readership allowed to suggest potential subjects for your blog? Because if so, I'd like to hear about your first run on the treadmill." Doesn't the universe work in mysterious ways?

  2. And yes I know I'm probably the only person in the world who drafts facebook messages in their head before sending them.....

  3. hahaha! love your comments, Cara! Yes, readers are definitely allowed to suggest topics. In fact, I'd love it!


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