Saturday, December 24, 2011

happy Friday!

Today is extra happy because it marks the beginning of my Christmas vacation! (It's also bittersweet because it marks the end of my internship, which means I've said goodbye to my kindergarteners.)

I have lots of happiness to share from this week:

// I went to Wing Night on Tuesday with Melissa and Alex. I ordered a Greek salad and water with lemon. (I know, I know. What kind of person goes to Wing Night and orders a salad?! Me, that's who.) This whole experience was happy but my grin grew a little wider when I saw I had been given two lemon wedges. (I know, I know. What kind of person gets excited about lemon wedges?! Me, that's who.)

// Alex took apart my DVD player after complaining (often) that it was a piece of sh*t. He bought me a new one and it's pretty and seems to work very well. Thanks, Alex! 

// Melissa and I went for a drive to look at Christmas lights. (This was #20 on our advent calendar.) Some of the houses were intense! Like this one, for example. Or the one covered in lights that blinked in tune to Christmas songs. I exclaimed, "I've only ever seen this on the internet!" 

// I ran on the treadmill. That's happy in itself but making it even happier is the fact that I listened to Christmas music while doing so! That gives "Run, run, Rudolph" a new meaning, eh? 

// Many of my students gave me gifts. This owl mug was given to me by a little boy in my class and when he passed it to me, all wrapped up in an interesting manner, he said "My dad wrapped this and I know it looks weird. I hope you don't think it looks weird." I assured him the wrapping was beautiful and when his doubts were calmed, he insisted I open it. As random as a mug with owls on it is, it is absolutely perfect for me! As you all know, I love drinking tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, and lately I've been drawn to owls! 

Another student gave me a bath set with body lotion, shower gel, and a loofah. The scent was "Cranberry Joy" and it smelled wonderful! All of the students crowded around, begging me to let them smell. The little girl who gave it to me was smiling big as she told me, "Mrs. Greer, know why I picked this out for you? Because I know you like smells!" Oh so cute!

// Yesterday was a storm day. I slept in. I read blogs. I went to Starbucks, sat by the fire, and enjoyed a Caramel Brûlé Latte. 

// I have been relaxing in a clean house, watching episode after episode of The West Wing.

What made you happy this week?


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