Tuesday, November 15, 2011

hello, Monday!

Monday again! Which means I'm linking up with Lisa to say hello!

Hello, rain boots, pretty and perfect for puddle jumping!

Hello, rain and dark skies -- a good excuse for a lazy day. 

Hello, Christmas decorations. I know some people think it's too early, but I'm not one of them!

Hello to a mall date with my mom. Long talks and window shopping were exactly what I needed. 

Hello, hot chocolate and Friends -- a wonderful Sunday morning. 

Hello to relaxing in a clean house. I'm convinced it's one of the best feelings. 

Hello, Sunday Supper. There were just two of us this time but it was one of my favourites. 

Hello, bite-size brownies. I'm a fan

Hello, Kal Barteski originals! I finally got them framed and I'm in love! They make my heart and soul happy. (And so does her blog.)

Hello to a new week! It's going to be a busy one; report cards go home on Friday. I say, bring it on!

What are you saying hello to? 

P.S. Thank you x100 to Alex for cooking supper, doing the dishes, hanging the art, and so much more!


  1. OOOHHHH, I drool over the fact that you have Kal originals, lucky girl. Super looks rad, I think that will be on my plate tomorrow.
    Maybe one day you'll pick up one or two of my originals. Check them out on my blog. Happy Monday!

  2. I pretty much LOVE everything on this list! Hot chocolate! Yum!


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