Monday, October 24, 2011

hunter brothers' farm.

On Saturday, my friends and I went on an adventure to Hunter Brothers' Farm. It was the perfect day: best friends, lots of fun, and weather that felt like autumn.

The farm's main attraction is their giant corn maze. The design of the maze is different every year. This year's design features Thomas the Tank Engine because it has been 65 years since the first book in The Railway Series was published. 

Here we are just before entering the maze. It took us a while, but eventually we found all 10 questions and answered them correctly! (We may have had the help of an iPhone.)

The farm also has what the Hunter brothers call a "Field of Fun." We battled to see who was king of the hill on bales of hay and bounced on the "Jumping Pillow." Yup, we acted like kids and had a blast!

Two of my favourite parts of the day were the hayride and the pig race! The race contestants were Kevin Bacon, Lindsay Loham, and Shania Swine. Kevin won by a snout, but I cheered for Shania, who placed second!

Simple adventures like this make me excited to have children. If I have this much fun, can you imagine how much fun a kid would have?

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