Saturday, September 03, 2011

weekly happiness.

I always try to notice and appreciate "happy" things, whether they're big or small. Some happiness from this week:

A friend buying me a cup of tea.

The woman who said, "Happy running!" to me.

A friend cooking fettucine alfredo for supper last night (while I went for a run).

That same friend cooking a delicious meal tonight.

The yummy lemon-lime drink I had tonight.

The perfect hot chocolate at Second Cup.

Winning $500 at La Senza today. (I was shocked! I've never won anything that big before!)

An evening visit from two good friends.

Receiving "fun" mail.

Watching Big Brother with the roomie. (Go, Jordan!)

Buying children's books for a homework assignment! (And reading those books to my roommates.)

What made you happy this week? (It seems like a lot of what made me happy was food and beverages. Oh well. I like to eat!)

(Image source: AllPosters)


  1. My Tucker puppy always makes me happy, I'm ridiculously in love with that dog :)
    Other things that made me happy... Watching the horses play, the gorgeous sunset at my friend Laura's, Echo puppy doing a perfect sit/down/over (and with NO 'treats' for reward!), watching George the mini donkey gaze with google eyed adoration at his true love (my old mare Cessa)

  2. Hello! I've just come across to your blog from Summer Harms' comment section - I hope you don't mind me popping by : ) You have a lovely little blog here.
    I live in England & have just finished my teacher training & on Wednesday, I will have a class of my very own, so I totally share your excitement about children's stories and all of the brilliant things related to becoming a teacher : )

  3. Happiness is paying attention to right now. It makes everything else feel like a walk in the park. Thanks for sharing your happy!

  4. cdncowgirl - so glad we found each other's blogs! I didn't know there was such a thing as mini donkeys!

    Hannah - Of course I don't mind you popping by! I hope you do again :) It's so wonderful to know that other people share the excitement about children's stories and teaching!

    Dalyce - "Happiness is paying attention to right now." I love that! So true!

  5. hahaha "happy running" - that's totally something people would say where i live. everyone is so active here

  6. My two kitty-boops, being on my bike, comments from sweet blog-readers ;), good hair days, a freshly done manicure, and the anticipation of the first day of school this week. <---my happy places lately <3 <3 <3


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