Wednesday, August 17, 2011

staying at Nan's.

My last day of work was Sunday and school doesn't start until August 25th, so I'm on vacation. I haven't escaped to an exotic locale but I have escaped to my Nan's house. Staying at Nan's means...

...eating all kinds of delicious food: Dixie Lee, Dari Delite, Chinese, goulash, meatballs and rice, s'mores. (I said it was delicious, not healthy). 

...drinking cup after cup of tea made by Nan.

...spending hours reading magazines and books.

...sleeping in.

...going to "town" to run errands.

...playing card games. (Our favourites are Crazy Eights and Cribbage).

...watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy every night.

...going for runs on back country roads.

...hearing these words on repeat: "I love you, Mandy."


  1. You just made me cry. Everything about your Nan's is why I love going to my Grandmom's.

    I miss you, but I am beyond happy that you are home enjoying your time. Really, you have no idea.

  2. I miss you, too! And I am SO enjoying my time here :)

  3. this made me tear up - adorable <3


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