Tuesday, August 30, 2011

professional dress monday.

In the BEd Programme, Mondays are "Professional Dress" days. Today was the first of many. I promised a couple of people I'd share photos but before I do, please promise that you'll ignore the poor quality, the red eyes, and the awkward poses. Also, please promise to take my word that we looked much better in person.

Today was my favourite day so far! (It was only the first day of classes, but still, it was a great day!) 

I got to write on chart paper (using my best "teacher" printing), play a game with dice, and found out that I'll have to buy children's books for a "Book Box." 

I also had my first math class in five years... and it was FUN!


  1. Good start to a new year! Go Go! and read lotsa good books!

  2. Thanks for commenting :) I plan on reading LOTS of books!


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