Monday, August 22, 2011

dressing like a grown-up: feet first.

The Bachelor of Education program that I'm enrolled in begins on Thursday, which means it's time that I start dressing like a grown-up, or more specifically, a teacher! As the kind of girl who has spent the last 10 or so years in jeans and t-shirts, this might be a bit of a challenge (but a fun one)!

I've been looking online and in magazines for inspiration and thought that I would share some of what I've found and liked here. Since I'm a big fan of shoes, I figured I'd start with footwear...

These TOMS (that I first spotted here) look comfy and classic. In fact, one of the reviews said they'd "be perfect to teach in."

I spotted these loafers at the mall yesterday; I love them in cognac.

A comfortable flat in a cute pattern is always a good choice.

Finally, these heels would be nice in either black or natural.

Edited to add: I want these in turquoise because they're beautiful. (Elise "loved" them a while ago and I just re-discovered that post).


  1. Love the shoes! You should pin it on Pinterest.

  2. Are you surprised I like the heels the best?

  3. I am LOVD: Thanks for commenting! I don't have Pinterest...yet. I have a feeling I would become addicted!

    Me: No, I'm not surprised :)


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